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Modular Shearing Sheds - Pros & Cons

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Looking for a cost effective & simple shearing shed solution? The Commander Ag-Quip modular shearing sheds are your answer!


As efficient, functional and safe facilities become an increasingly important aspects to farm operations to comply with Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) requirements, shearing sheds are a common area of concern.


Many operations are using sheds built in the 1950-1980s, where the across board drag was considered the best solution, and now, up to 70 years later, the structural integrity of the fitouts are not up to scratch.


As staff and shearer availability and retention is becoming a growing focus in the agricultural industry, having the adequate facilities to cater for all the operational requirements on farm is essential. A new and safe shearing shed setup will attract staff and shearers, reducing stress of all farm operations and improving the productivity of your sheep enterprise.


When is a modular fitout best suited?

For many farmers, especially small to medium sized wool producers, the extensive investment for a entirely new shearing shed & shed complex is unattainable. The Commander Ag-Quip shearing module system offers flexibility and options, being able to be used to fitout an existing shearing shed, other existing infrastructure such as a machinery shed or a new shed. The modular fitout is still considered a permanent solution, custom designed and installed to suit your shed, and the modules won’t move when in place.

Building a multi-purpose shed or using an existing machinery shed for your new shearing fitout is sometimes an effective way of reducing the investment needed for your new shearing shed fitout. It is also common to build an extension onto your existing wool shed to utilise all possible grating area, and using Commander Ag-Quip shearing modules to provide a safe and effective catching pen & board configuration. A great project that utilised this concept was this 2-Stand Module for Banquet White Suffolks, in Mortlake VIC. More details on this project can be found here!

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Modular Shearing Shed Fitout Pros:

– Cost effective solution to a new, safe & efficient shearing shed solution.

– Reduced time on site: coming as prefabricated modules.

– Ideal solution for fitting out existing infrastructure.

– Custom designed modules to fit area available.

– Australian Made using first grade Australian Steel.

– Simple installation – client can fit themselves.


Modular Shearing Shed Fitout Cons:

– Difficult to build around central columns in existing shed.

– Need large and easy access into the shed to bring the modules into the shed.

– Extra steel framework underneath the modules, running along the ground level.

– Limited with the height and hence clearance underneath the modules.

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Before & Afters

Transforming old pig shed into 2 Stand Shearing shed on Yorke Peninsula, SA!

Revamping old 3 stand shed in Pinaroo, SA!

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Goba Creek Sheep Yards – Project Case Study

Project Case Study - Goba Creek Sheep Yards

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Upgrading your sheep yards to improves your sheep handling efficiencies and is making an investment that will service your property & operation for decades to come.  Commander Ag-Quip manufacture quality Australian Made sheep yards, made with Australian Grade Steel and using cutting-edge design programs. 








Project Details

Project Type: Sheep Yard

Location: Borrowa, NSW

Date: 2023

Size: 2500 head working sheep yards


Our client approached Commander Ag-Quip seeking new sheep yards due to the degradation and increasing safety concerns of their existing ones. The old yards required constant repairs and were becoming inefficient, requiring significant time investment before each use. In order to address these issues and improve their operations, the client recognized the urgent need for a new set of yards and turned to Commander Ag-Quip, seeking their expertise in providing safe, efficient, and durable sheep yards for their farming needs. The client made the trip to see multiple completed Commander Ag-Quip Permanent Sheep Yards, and after seeing the quality and standard of installation, decided to choose Commander Ag-Quip to supply & install his new set of large sheep yards.

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The Yard Cover: Commander Ag-Quip worked in collaboration with ABC Shed who supplied the yard cover. Working closely throughout the entire design process ensured that the installation was seamless and that the cover didn’t clash with the yard design and hinder stock flow at all.

Shed Details: 26m x 24m x 3.5m

Sheepyard Breakdown:

This design is a large scale set of sheep yards that incorporates multiple working stations and offers optimal stock flow through all stations:

Features of the sheep yards:

    • 2500 head working/drafting capacity.
    • Dual bugle design to feed multiple working stations and work more than one station at any time.
    • Manual Drafting Module
    • Tepari handler station
    • Secondary handler/crutching trailer provision
    • Dual drenching race with walkway in between; including Tumble-Swing & guillotine race gates
    • Access gates in thoroughfares with dogflaps.
    • Custom designed to link with existing shed loading ramp & letouts.
    • To view more sheep yard projects click here!
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Banongil South Sheep Handling Complex – Project Case Study

Project Case Study - Banongil South Sheep Handling Complex

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Upgrade your shearing shed and sheep yard complex  for safer and more efficient sheep handling. Commander Ag-Quip provides state-of-the-art facilities that offer numerous benefits. Increase productivity, reduce stress on sheep, enhance worker safety, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency. Experience quality and cutting-edge solutions for optimized stock handling facilities. Commander Ag-Quip’s Sheep Yards & SHearing sheds are 100% Australian Made, using Australian grade steel in all manufacturing. Offering customised designs, the Commander Ag-Quip team work closely with the client to provide a design that is tailored and specific to the needs of their operation.




Project Details

Project Type: Shearing Shed & Sheep Yard Complex

Location: Skipton, VIC.

Date: 2023

Size: 6 Stand Curved Board Shearing Shed & 3000 head working sheep yards


The iconic Banongil South property was purchased by the client, a stunning property located 18km south west of Skipton, VIC. The share of the property our client purchased did not have a shearing shed on the farm, and with the plans to increase the flock size considerably on the property, it was apparent that the investment had to made for on a new sheep yard and shearing shed complex.

The client came to Commander Ag-Quip, looking for a state of the art facility to cater for his shearing and sheep handling needs.

Having seen the previously completed project by Commander Ag-Quip at Lal Lal Estate, it was evident Commander Ag-Quip could be the team that brought his vision to life & deliver his new Sheep handling complex.

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The Shed: Commander Ag-Quip worked in collaboration with Action Steel who supplied the shed and yard cover. Working closely throughout the entire design process ensured that the fitout was seamless and that the installation was completed and finished off to an impeccable level.

Shed Details: 88m x 24m x 5.5m

To read more into the shed details and specifications, view Action Steel’s project case study here!

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Shearing Shed Breakdown:

The Commander Ag-Quip team worked closely with the client and his shearing contractor to create the ultimate shearing shed solution for this complex. The design incorporates the fundamental AWI chute/catch pen door configuration, while maintianing the tried and proven Commander Ag-Quip front fill pen design.

Some key features of the shearing shed include:

    • 6-Stand Curved board, incorporating the AWI specified chute configuration.
    • Flat board design to improve roustabout safety.
    • 1285 head holding capacity up on grating.
    • Australian Made using Australian grade steel.
    • Using the iconic WA jarrah timber on the board, fascia and in the catching pens.
    • View more about our Permanent Shearing Shed Fitouts here!

Sheepyard Breakdown:

Looking for a large scale set of sheep yards to comfortably work large mobs at one time, the Commander design team worked closely with the client to design this impressive set of Stud Manager permanent sheep yards.

Some key features of these Sheep Yards:

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