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Sheep Projects

Commander Agriculture have been manufacturing premium Quality Australian Agricultural Equipment to local farmers for over 30 years. Our range of Sheep Yards and Shearing Shed Fitouts are some of the most high quality on the market, offering a efficient and durable solution to your sheep handling requirements.

Offering fully custom design shearing shed fitouts and sheep yards in permanent, semi-permanent and portable types, our experienced team works closely with the customer to create the most suitable yard design for your specific needs.


“Designing our new yards to fit existing infrastructure was easy & the quality & strength of the yards is very good with great service from Commander Ag-Quip”


See some of the projects and features we have completed for customers!

“The reason we went with commander Ag-Quip is because of the high-quality I’d seen in another client’s yards. They were Australian steel, which was a big bonus for us, and just the overall quality of the whole setup that I’d worked in. The spring latches, the man gates just made everything work as easy as you could want it.”

Brenton Smith, Cowell, SA

“They worked awesome. I was able to work most of the sheep by myself with a dog. Haven’t been able to do that before. Also never had a mob stuck in a yard that I couldn’t shift around. They also ran into the sheds better with the design.”

Kym Graetz, SA

“We are very glad we made this choice. They flow great, and they have dramatically reduced the time it takes us to complete Sheep work. It so much more enjoyable to work sheep these days plus we have a great modern facility to showcase our Stud Rams in come that time of the year.”

David Ridgeway, Senior, SA

“We have found ourselves doing more yard work that we ever have in the past. The pound, forcing pen, V race, twin loading ramps and 5 way drafting make the yards a joy to work in and the cows, both bucket raised and paddock raised, flow extremely well in them.”

Brad Fischer, Meningie, SA