Commander Ag-Quip offers a range of race gate options to improve the efficiency & safety of your sheep handling work in your sheep yards.

Tumble Swing Gates

  • Typically used in the middle of work race.
  • Gate rolls out and folds flat against work race out of handlers way.
  • Easy to use especially if the race is full as the area does not need to be cleared before opening.
  • Vertical rails prevent injury of sheep.

Guillotine Gates (Cable Operation)

  • Allows operator to open and close pens easily & from anywhere in the race.
  • Allows gate to be suspended above sheep as they move through.
  • Ideal for operations with limited staff as it saves time and walking.
  • Can be held opened or closed.

Swing Race Gate

  • Standard gates used at the start and end of the drenching race.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Standard with a chain latch.
  • Optional spring-latch for easy opening.