Commander Ag-Quip's Shearing Sheds are manufactured using premium Australian materials, offering the choice of jarrah timber batons or plastic tile grating in the holding and catching pens.

Jarrah Timber Baton Grating

  • Standard timber batons are 45x23mm tapered Jarrah hardwood.
  • Commander Ag-Quip recommends Jarrah baton in all the catching pens, constructed standard with 100mm fall towards the shearing board for ease of drag for the shearer.
  • Tapered design and carefully designed spacing ensure the manure drops through, preventing build-up.

Plastic Tile Grating

(Unavailable for individual purchase)
  • Commander Ag-Quip recommends the plastic tile grating for all holding pens in our shearing sheds due to reduced noise, light and maintenance.
  • Supplied as 1200x400mm tiles, these tiles can easily be altered or replaced, reducing install time and maintenance.
  • The design restricts light from underneath the holding pens while incorporating enough openings to allow manure to pass through.
  • The tiles are screwed to either timber or steel joists, providing a great option for new infrastructure or existing upgrades.