Commander Ag-Quip's Shearing Sheds incorporate slide swing and guillotine gates wherever possible for improved sheep flow and reduced labour for penning up. 

Slide Swing Gate Advantages

  • Slide swing gates offer flexibility in moving sheep between pens and through Commander Ag-Quip's Shearing Sheds.
  • These unique gate configurations enable you to force sheep with its 270-degree rotation and then slide the gate back through the hinge to avoid the gate getting caught behind sheep in a full pen.
  • All gates are fitted with a steel chain latch for secure pen holding.

Guillotine Gate Advantages

The guillotine gate can be used in the shearing shed holding pens; the  benefits are that the gate can be operated from a distance.
  • Raised gate when opened allows for gate to be easily opened when pens are full.
  • Allows operator to open and close pens easily
  • Allows gate to be suspended above sheep as they move through
  • Ideal for operations with limited staff as it saves time and walking
  • Can be held opened or closed