Commander Ag-Quip’s Stud Manager permanent sheep yards are the premium range we produce. These sheep yards are Australian made from first grade Australian Steel, offering superior quality and durability to other systems on the market. The ability to create custom design sheep yard systems to suit each farmer’s unique needs, puts Commander Ag-Quip’s quality Australian made sheep yards ahead of competitors. Our experienced sales & design team understand sheep behaviour and flow, ensuring that your sheep yard design maximises the efficiency of your sheep handling, while maintaining a safe working area for staff and animals.

The Commander Ag-Quip Stud Manager Permanent Sheep Yards are the premium range we offer.
  • Australian Made product using Australian materials, ensuring quality and durability.
  • Fully customisable to suit your unique requirements or existing infrastructure.
  • Offer a range of quality options and features, to view these click here.
  • Enquire today to receive a free design & quote on your new set of permanent sheep yards & organise a free on-site farm visit.