Goba Creek Sheep Yards – Project Case Study

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Project Case Study - Goba Creek Sheep Yards

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Upgrading your sheep yards to improves your sheep handling efficiencies and is making an investment that will service your property & operation for decades to come.  Commander Ag-Quip manufacture quality Australian Made sheep yards, made with Australian Grade Steel and using cutting-edge design programs. 








Project Details

Project Type: Sheep Yard

Location: Borrowa, NSW

Date: 2023

Size: 2500 head working sheep yards


Our client approached Commander Ag-Quip seeking new sheep yards due to the degradation and increasing safety concerns of their existing ones. The old yards required constant repairs and were becoming inefficient, requiring significant time investment before each use. In order to address these issues and improve their operations, the client recognized the urgent need for a new set of yards and turned to Commander Ag-Quip, seeking their expertise in providing safe, efficient, and durable sheep yards for their farming needs. The client made the trip to see multiple completed Commander Ag-Quip Permanent Sheep Yards, and after seeing the quality and standard of installation, decided to choose Commander Ag-Quip to supply & install his new set of large sheep yards.

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The Yard Cover: Commander Ag-Quip worked in collaboration with ABC Shed who supplied the yard cover. Working closely throughout the entire design process ensured that the installation was seamless and that the cover didn’t clash with the yard design and hinder stock flow at all.

Shed Details: 26m x 24m x 3.5m

Sheepyard Breakdown:

This design is a large scale set of sheep yards that incorporates multiple working stations and offers optimal stock flow through all stations:

Features of the sheep yards:

    • 2500 head working/drafting capacity.
    • Dual bugle design to feed multiple working stations and work more than one station at any time.
    • Manual Drafting Module
    • Tepari handler station
    • Secondary handler/crutching trailer provision
    • Dual drenching race with walkway in between; including Tumble-Swing & guillotine race gates
    • Access gates in thoroughfares with dogflaps.
    • Custom designed to link with existing shed loading ramp & letouts.
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