What Auger Do You Need For Your Operation?

What Auger Do You Need For Your Operation? Filling SIlos, feeders, trucks? Sizes and capacity. Read more here..

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What Grain Auger Do You Need For Your Operation? Features, Specs & Recommendations

Are you in the market for a new grain auger? It is essential to consider all the requirements of your new auger, to maximise your investment.


In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide for farmers highlighting the importance of choosing the right size grain auger for various applications. From the loading of trucks to the filling of silos, each task requires a specific auger size to optimize productivity and minimize wastage. We will explore the different factors that should be considered when selecting a grain auger and delve into the range of options offered by Commander Ag-Quip, a trusted name in agricultural equipment.


Commander Ag-Quip, a leading provider of high-quality Australian Made grain and livestock handling equipment, understands the diverse needs of farmers. With their extensive range of grain augers designed to suit different applications, they ensure that farmers have access to reliable and efficient tools to maximize their productivity.


Throughout this article, we will discuss the key considerations that should influence your choice of grain auger, including the type and volume of grain being handled, the distance and height requirements of your operation, and the power source available on your farm. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision about the most suitable grain auger for your specific needs.


We will explore the various grain auger sizes available from Commander Ag-Quip and provide practical insights on how each size can enhance your loading, unloading, and storage processes. Whether you’re a small-scale farmer or managing a large agricultural enterprise, finding the right grain auger will enable you to achieve greater efficiency, a safe working environment and minimize grain loss.

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Key questions to consider:

– What is going to be the main use for your auger?

– What capacity are you looking for?

– What is the height requirement for your auger?

– What product are you going to run through the auger?

– Are you looking for a hydraulic drive self-propelled auger?

– Is Australian Made an important factor for you?

– What options and features are you needing?


Commander Ag-Quip’s range of Self-propelled augers, Ezy-lift augers, Pencil Augers and Mini Augers will be sure to have the adequate grain auger that you need for your operation.

What is going to be the main use of your auger?

Are you going to be unloading or loading trucks? Loading silos? Filling feed-out bins? Needing a paddock auger?


Truck loading: if you are looking for an auger to quickly fill or unload a truck, we would recommend one of the larger capacity augers in our range. Offering a range of barrel diameters from 7″ – 13″, either 10″, 11″ or 13″ augers are best suited for this. One point to consider here is what the hopper/discharge configuration is on your silos if your are filling trucks. This can sometimes limit the diameter you can fit under the silo. Typically, we would recommend a 41×11 self-propelled auger, offering great capacity, while being a handy size to be able to be utilised for multiple operations on your farm.


Loading Silos: If the main purpose of your auger is going to be filling silos, the size of the silo will largely determine which auger is best suited or necessary. A 51×10 self-propelled auger is the most common auger for this purpose, being suitable to reach most silos up to 70 tonnes, while still being suitable to use as a multi-purpose auger for filling trucks etc. Later we will discuss what size augers are required for different sized silos.


Loading feeders/feedout bins: When looking for an auger to load small feeders, feedout bins or grouper bins, the range of pencil & mini augers are adequate to carry out this task. Commander Ag-Quip offer a range of 5 inch pencil augers in 15, 20 & 25 foot; otherwise mini augers in 5 & 6 inch in 25 or 30 foot options. We would recommend a 25×6 mini auger, being a cost-efficient unit for a farmer who does not want to tie up his main auger or spend extra money on another larger auger, while still having a petrol motor and the extra capacity to quickly fill a feedout bin.


There are many factors that contribute to the decision of what auger is best suited for your needs, these are just recommendations, and the Commander Ag-Quip team are always willing to run through your requirements and assist in recommending what auger you need. Contact us today to speak with out team!

Auger Barrel: Options & approximate tonnes per hour (TPH) capacity. 

Have you ever wondered is it worth going up a size in barrel to get extra capacity? or how long would a auger take to unload a truck? Below are some approximate capacities of the auger barrel options we can offer.

Ezy-Lift & Self Propelled Auger Barrel Options (34′-66′):

7″ – 60 TPH

9″ – 110 TPH

10″ – 160 TPH

11″ – 205 TPH

13″ – 230 TPH

Pencil & Mini Augers Barrel Options(15′-30′):

5″ – 12-15 TPH (Depending on motor)

6″ – 25-30 TPH

Auger Lift Height: Max lift height & silo specifications

Ensuring you have researched and know the required lift height for your new auger is essential to maximise your investment. Each silo manufacturer will provide product specific recommendations as to required auger sizes, in the below information we have used GE Silos as an example.


*The following is just a guide and we recommend you check the recommendations of your specific silo manufacturer before purchasing your auger.

Lift Heights:

Pencil Augers:

15′ – 2.3m

20′ – 3.3m

25′ – 4.2m

Mini Augers:

25′ – 5m

30′ – 5.9m

Larger Augers:

34′ – 7m

37′ – 7.3m

41′ – 8.2m

46′ – 9.4m

51′ – 10.4m

56′ – 11m

61′ – 12.3m

Silo Minimum Auger Requirements (GE Silos)

21 tonne silo – 33′

30 tonne silo – 36′

40 tonne silo – 36′

50 tonne silo – 40′

65 tonne silo – 46′

69 tonne silo – 50′

77 tonne silo – 56′

83 tonne silo – 56′

97 tonne silo – 65′

110 tonne silo – 65′

Product specific options: Barrel & flighting

Going to be moving beans or fertilizer? No problems!

There are a range of options available to ensure your new auger is best suited for the specific tasks you need to complete:


Bean flighting: The option for bean flighting is recommended to maximise the efficiency of the auger & reduce waste. Bean flighting when auguring beans reduces waste, damage to the beans & the strain on the auger.


Hot dip galvanised: Commander Ag-Quip are one of few companies who offer a hot dip galvanised barrel option on new augers. In high corrosion areas such as near the coast or if you are going to be moving a lot of corrosive materials such as fertilizer, the hot dip galvanised options offer extra longevity. The flighting remains not hot dip galvanised and it only reduces the corrosion, it does not eliminate it.

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Features & Options

Features of Commander Ag-Quip Augers:

– Australian Made: Commander Ag-Quip augers are fully Australian Manufactured in Albany WA. 

– One piece barrel & flighting: imported augers have split barrels and flighting due to transport. The single barrel option offers superior longevity & strength.

– Precision round spiral would barrel.

– Stretch fitted flighting: smoother operation, less contamination.

– Solid main drive shaft: longer lasting.

– Machined driveline couplings: less vibration.

– Intake end: Fully guarded double start flighting & cupped edge for better grain pickup.

– Final drive: Oil bath top end reducing maintenance & drive shaft, & duplex chain drive.

– Reversible Gearbox.


Optional Extras:

– Self Propelled Auger (Driver Kit): Available on all the larger augers (34′-61′), the option for hydraulic mover kit for the auger & also the barrel lift and tail lift. Alternatively there is the manual winch option. Recommended to go the self-propelled option for any auger you often move and any auger over 46′.

– Hydraulic Belt Tensioner:

– Diesel engine upgrade: recommended on all 13 inch augers, offering extra power and better output capacity.

– Dual work lights.

– Poly hopper.

– Poly flexi chute.

– Manual intake end choke.

Commander Ag-Quip offers a large range of augers to cater for your every grain moving need. Contact the team today to receive a obligation free quote for your new grain auger. Click here to view our grain auger range!

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