Colac VIC – Cattle Yards – Project Case Study

Project Case Study - Colac VIC Permanent Cattle Yards

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Upgrading your cattle yards improves your cattle handling efficiencies and is making an investment that will service your property & operation for decades to come.  Commander Ag-Quip manufacture Quality Australian Made permanent cattle yards, made with Australian Grade Steel and using cutting-edge design programs to ensure your investment is efficient, safe & will stand the test of time. 

Project Details

Project Type: Permanent Cattle Yards

Location: Colac, VIC.

Date: 2023

Size: 120 head working cattle yards


Our client approached Commander Ag-Quip looking for a new set of quality Cattle Yards for a new property he had purchased. The cattle yards on the property were run down and not safe to use. The client had an existing crush and ramp which he wanted to incorporate into the design. The client had seen a set of Commander Ag-Quip Sheep yards installed for his brother, and knew the quality of the product and hence chose Commander Ag-Quip to safeguard his investment, and supply his new Permanent Cattle Yards.

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Cattle Yard Breakdown:

This Permanent Cattle Yard design is carefully designed to offer optimal stock flow, removing baulk points and other features to make the working safe and stress free for staff and stock alike.


Features of the cattle yards:

    • 120 head working/drafting capacity.
    • Force tub with walkway to maintain good flow into the working and loading race.
    • Incorporates customers existing crush and loading ramp.
    • Commander Ag-Quip 3-way drafting module.
    • 180 degree curved V-sided race to hold 12 head of cattle.
    • Cattle free working area for staff & access gates.
    • Spring latch gates.
    • Cattle King permanent panels & gates.
    • Installed by customer.
    • Australian Made Permanent Cattle Yards
    • To view more information and enquire regarding our cattle yards, click here!
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